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Anxiety Alert: Notice When Anxious Feelings Attack

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We all deal with feelings of anxiety from time to time. After all, there are plenty of things to worry about in our lives, so it is only natural that anxious feelings would be something most everyone experiences every once in a while.

But some people—perhaps you are among them—experience feelings of anxiety not just from time to time, but seemingly at specific times.

Let’s take a look at three times during the day when you might feel anxious and consider some healthy ways to address those feelings. 

Are You Anxious in the Morning?

Maybe you are someone who feels particularly anxious in the morning. There are a number of reasons why that might be so.

For example, you might be one of the many, many people who check their phone first thing in the morning. The bombardment of news, social media posts, emails, and more can get your day off to an anxious start. You—and your mind—would be better served by engaging in other activities at the start of your day. Those activities might include exercise, meditation, making and eating a healthy breakfast, listening to some music you enjoy, and more. Those sorts of activities have mental health benefits and may well keep your morning anxiety at bay.

Another source of anxiety in the morning might be the mad rush to get yourself—and perhaps your children or even your spouse, partner, or roommate—out the door. Ask yourself if you could do some of these tasks the night before. This might include picking out clothes, packing a lunch, setting up your coffeemaker, and ensuring that the things you need to take with you each day have a particular spot where you always put them so they don’t get misplaced.

Are You Anxious in the Middle of the Day?

Do you find yourself experiencing anxiety toward the middle of the day? There could be several reasons for that.

For example, even if you have had a productive morning, you might be feeling like your to-do list has gotten the better of you. Or maybe you have been interrupted repeatedly and have not been able to make progress on your projects and goals for the day. While it might seem counterintuitive, the move here is to take a break. Have a healthy lunch, take a walk, listen to a favorite podcast—just take some time away from whatever you have been working on.

The break can help lower feelings of anxiety—and can, it turns out, make you more productive. Let us say it again: A break can increase your productivity. And that, in turn, can decrease the levels of stress and anxiety you feel.

Are You Anxious in the Evening?

Maybe your thoughts really get revved up at night and you feel the kind of anxiety that can make it difficult to sleep. Several factors might be contributing to those feelings.

For example, if you have spent the day loading up on caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, etc.), you may find that you are jittery and anxious at bedtime. But those anxious feelings might well arrive on their own during the quiet and dark of night. When that is the case, a good nighttime routine can help you slow your mind down so you can rest. Your routine might include getting ready for the next morning, writing in a gratitude journal, engaging in some mindful meditation, reading, and/or listening to gentle music. Over time, these regular activities can help your mind recognize when it is time to let go of the anxious thoughts and go to sleep.

We Can Help with Anxiety and Other Mental Health Disorders

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Maybe you feel a bit anxious about seeking out mental health treatment. That is certainly understandable. But making progress toward better mental health will improve nearly every aspect of your life. Taking the first step is often the hard part, but once you do, the team at our Colorado facility will treat you with the empathy and respect you deserve. When you are ready, we are, too.

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