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The Value of Our Values When it Comes to Your Care

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Take a moment to think about three things or ideas or people you really value in your life.

Maybe you thought of your home, your scrapbooks, or a family heirloom. Maybe you thought about kindness, mercy, or justice. Maybe you thought of your partner, your parents, or your children.

Whatever you thought of, you would probably agree that the things a person values have a big impact on how they live their life. Knowing what you value and then behaving accordingly is one of the best ways to find a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

At Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health, we have a list of six shared values—values that help ensure that when you seek out treatment for a mental health disorder, a substance use disorder, or both, you receive exceptional care from exceptional providers.

Let’s take a look at each of Johnstown Heights’ values and what they mean to the people we serve.

First Up: Honesty

Most everyone would probably agree that honesty is a key pillar of any relationship. That includes the relationship you form with a caregiving team like the one you will find at Johnstown Heights.

We will be honest with you about how we can help, what the evidence shows about various approaches to treatment, and more. You can make better decisions about your own treatment if you have a full and honest picture of how things might proceed. Equally importantly, your honesty with us greatly increases the chance that treatment will be effective because we will be better able to personalize our approach for your specific needs.

Next: Competence

If you needed a new engine for your vehicle, you wouldn’t take your car to, say, a computer repair shop, right? That’s because competence in engine repair and installation is generally not found at a place that fixes hard drives and monitors. 

At Johnstown Heights, we are experts at the work that we do. You can count on our combination of expertise and experience when it comes to mental health and substance use disorder treatment. Competence also involves holding oneself accountable, and that’s the kind of competence you can bring to the table by following through on your goals to improve your mental health and/or to give up drugs or alcohol.

Third: Perseverance  

Anything worth doing is likely going to involve some challenges, and at Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health, we are committed to working through those challenges with you. If a given approach to treatment is not serving you well, we won’t give up. Instead, we will make necessary adjustments until we find the best options for you.

Of course, you will need to persevere, too. Challenges and setbacks are often a part of working toward improved mental health and lasting sobriety. But we won’t throw in the towel—and you shouldn’t either.

Up Next: Passion

We are dedicated to our work, which means we are passionate about helping people improve their lives. It is what motivates us each and every day. If you bring that same sort of passion to your efforts to making positive changes in your life, you will bring some all-important internal motivation to the effort that will serve you well.

Fifth: Respect

Several of the values we have already considered combine to support the value of respect. We believe in the human dignity of every person we serve. We demonstrate our respect by truly listening to you and by working tirelessly to find the approaches to treatment that serve you best. 

Meanwhile, getting help for your mental health or to reclaim your sobriety is a demonstration of respect for yourself. Holding on to that self-respect is an essential part of making progress toward your goals.

Finally: Teamwork

At Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health, you will be served by a team of experts whose combined talents and expertise come together to empower positive outcomes for you. You, too, are part of the team—an active participant in your own care. The cliché is that “teamwork makes the dream work”—and if the dream is better mental wellness or lasting sobriety, that catchy saying certainly applies here.

Long and Short: We Value You—And You Should, Too

When you are struggling with a mental health disorder or with drugs or alcohol, it can feel as though your life has little value. But that simply is not true. And at Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health—located in Johnstown, Colorado—we are committed to helping you to acknowledge and fully reclaim your intrinsic value. Our personalized approach to treatment is evidence-based and grounded in empathy and respect. We can help you improve your overall quality of life because we are dedicated to providing compassionate care to every person we serve.


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