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On this page you will find a listing of all Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health blog articles in the recovery category.

phone call - recovery - rehab - mental health - mental illness - treatment
Some people love to talk on the phone. Other people hate it (especially when they think a simple text would have been sufficient). And a third group likely has no strong opinion one way or the other. No matter your personal position in that debate, you might consider a specific suggestion we read about recently...
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color, color therapy, colorful, therapy, mental health
What is your favorite color? The answer to that question, of course, varies from person to person (though there is some data about which color or colors might be the favorite(s) of the most people). You yourself might like a deep blue or a vibrant red or a vivid yellow. Perhaps you simply love green...
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walk, walking, mental health, therapy, support
Most of us do not spend much time thinking about going for a walk. Despite the joy and wonder that accompany a baby’s first steps, fairly soon the trick of wandering around on our own two feet becomes commonplace.  In fact, when we do think about walking, we are often looking for ways to do...
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loading up an ambulance
Do You Have to Take an Ambulance to Go to Rehab?  The time has come where it is necessary to go to treatment. A looming question may be how you actually get there. Does it have to be by ambulance? The short answer is no, but let’s further explore the process of being admitted to...
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man mindful mindfulness recover
All kinds of things become trendy for a little while and then fade out of the public consciousness. Fidget spinners. Leisure suits. Beehive hairdos. The list of fads that were all the rage and then seemingly disappeared overnight is long and varied. What about being mindful? In recent years, you may have heard quite a bit...
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group therapy woman and man in therapy
In a recent entry, we compared the varieties of therapy to those bags of assorted mini candy bars. Each bar in the bag is, in fact, a candy bar, but there are important differences between them—especially if you are allergic to peanuts, opposed to nougat on principle, or partial to dark rather than milk chocolate....
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closeup of unwrapped assorted chocolate candy bars - therapy
Sometimes what you really want is some chocolate. But just what kind of chocolate might vary from moment to moment. A Bit About Assortments Candy bar makers know that different moments might require different bites of chocolate—and so they created those bags of assorted mini bars. You know the ones, right? They might have 10...
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man in business suit out of focus in the background while you see his hand stacking wooden blocks with symbols on them - the blocks say "Core" and "Values" - our mission
Most every organization and business has a mission statement that describes and defines what they are trying to accomplish. Some of these statements are long and involved. Others are straightforward and simple. Our Mission Statement Is Simple The mission statement of Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health falls into the latter category: Improve the lives we touch....
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digital illustration of very messy room - mental health care
Mental Health Care The first things that come to mind when you think about mental health care are likely therapy and medication. And that’s a good thing because the evidence suggests that both of those options—especially in combination—can have a positive impact on your mental well-being. But therapy and medication are not the only things...
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handsome young Black man sitting in front of the couch at home, with his knees drawn to his chest - loneliness
Loneliness Looks Different For Everyone When we imagine a lonely person, we tend to think about a person who is isolated from other people for one reason or another. But of course it is possible to experience loneliness even when lots of other people are around. Examples of this phenomenon abound. Maybe you didn’t fit...
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