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young woman in window sill having anxiety attack - generalized anxiety disorder
The word “general” can make something sound like it isn’t very serious or very specific. Generally Speaking For example, someone who tells you they were a “general studies” major in college might seem as though they really aren’t telling you anything at all. It seems sort of, you know, general. Maybe even kind of generic....
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pretty young girl looking directly at the camera - persistent depressive disorder
Specific Types of Depression In a recent post, we started the process of differentiating among the various kinds of depression. The word “depression” is too often used as a catchall. We use it to describe everything from a feeling of sadness to major depression. This overly general use of the word can make it harder...
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senior man with sad look on his face, looking out the window of his home - major depression
What’s in a Word? Sometimes we use a general word to describe something when a specific word would be much more helpful. Imagine, for example, that you’d like to get a gift for a young person who is taking up a new activity. You might ask their parent for ideas. If the parent says, “They...
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