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Mental Health

On this page you will find a listing of all Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health blog articles in the mental health category.

boxer, boxing, fighting, training, mental health, help
In a previous blog entry, we have taken a look at superstar athletes who have been honest about their own challenges with mental health disorders. Record setters like swimmer Michael Phelps and phenoms like tennis star Naomi Osaka have been forthcoming about their difficulties—and that honesty is a good reminder to all of us that...
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woman, music, headphones, mindfulness
Recently, Jeremy Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an article about an ambitious and creative program to help young people who—especially since the outbreak of the pandemic—have been experiencing increased levels of depression and exhibiting more behavioral issues. Reynold’s article highlights Mindful Music Moments, a program created by mind-body educator Stacy Sims in 2016. As...
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man, journal, thinking, music, therapy, mental health
In the many, many incarnations of Star Trek, the members of Starfleet all seem to participate in an important ritual: They all keep a journal (and it can help your mental health). Sure, they call it a “log”—as in “Captain’s log” or “personal log” or what have you—but it is, for all intents and purposes,...
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happy holidays, family, christmas tree
Christmas comes on like a steamroller, doesn’t it? Even if the holidays are not part of your personal faith tradition, in America, Christmas bears down on us all from all sides. Your favorite radio station suddenly switches to all Christmas songs all the time. Every store you visit is filled with holiday displays and deals...
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pointing fingers bully yucking your yum
Have you ever told someone about a hobby that you really enjoy only to have them sneer at you or make fun of things you enjoy? This is called yucking your yum.  Maybe you have been telling them about how much you enjoy going to baseball games only to have them explain why baseball is...
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camera recorder documentary mental health
If you are a person living with a mental health disorder, you may find it difficult to clearly explain what you are going through and the impact on your day-to-day life. And if you are a person who loves someone who is dealing with a mental health disorder, you may well struggle to understand what...
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man mindful mindfulness recover
All kinds of things become trendy for a little while and then fade out of the public consciousness. Fidget spinners. Leisure suits. Beehive hairdos. The list of fads that were all the rage and then seemingly disappeared overnight is long and varied. What about being mindful? In recent years, you may have heard quite a bit...
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plant growth
There is something thrilling about growing things. Whether you are considering plants, animals, or people, watching the often inspiring growth process can remind you of some important ideas. Among those ideas is the fact that change is constant. When you watch a plant sprout from a seed, grow to full bloom, and then cycle with...
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closeup of unwrapped assorted chocolate candy bars - therapy
Sometimes what you really want is some chocolate. But just what kind of chocolate might vary from moment to moment. A Bit About Assortments Candy bar makers know that different moments might require different bites of chocolate—and so they created those bags of assorted mini bars. You know the ones, right? They might have 10...
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digital illustration of very messy room - mental health care
Mental Health Care The first things that come to mind when you think about mental health care are likely therapy and medication. And that’s a good thing because the evidence suggests that both of those options—especially in combination—can have a positive impact on your mental well-being. But therapy and medication are not the only things...
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