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Families in Recovery

In this category, you can find Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health articles relating to families in recovery. Addiction is often…

group therapy woman and man in therapy
In a recent entry, we compared the varieties of therapy to those bags of assorted mini candy bars. Each bar in the bag is, in fact, a candy bar, but there are important differences between them—especially if you are allergic to peanuts, opposed to nougat on principle, or partial to dark rather than milk chocolate....
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man in business suit out of focus in the background while you see his hand stacking wooden blocks with symbols on them - the blocks say "Core" and "Values" - our mission
Most every organization and business has a mission statement that describes and defines what they are trying to accomplish. Some of these statements are long and involved. Others are straightforward and simple. Our Mission Statement Is Simple The mission statement of Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health falls into the latter category: Improve the lives we touch....
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person riding a mountain bike in Colorado - staying active
Staying Active for Your Body & Your Mind When it comes to bolstering your overall well-being, keeping your body and your mind active are both great strategies. But sometimes that seems to be easier said than done. We all fall into routines (a polite way to say “ruts”), and those routines can start to feel...
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digital illustration depicting a woman sitting on the ground stressed or sad - anxiety and depression
Anxiety and depression are two different conditions that often coexist and may even share symptoms, such as irritability, nervousness, or changes with sleep. Understanding that it is possible to have both conditions and that you may experience symptoms of each can be frustrating and often discouraging. Fortunately, various treatments are effective and can make the...
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beautiful dark-haired young woman looks out the window while drinking coffee - seasonal affective disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Winter can bring on feelings of sadness for several reasons: the end of baseball season, the end of Daylight Saving Time, the short days, the cold weather. All of those things are legitimate causes of sadness. As a rule, sadness and other emotions are just a normal part of the human...
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two women in support group seen from behind - one consoles the other during a group therapy session
Shared Experiences: Making a Connection Have you ever noticed the ways in which a shared experience can create strong bonds and a sense of mutual support over a short period of time? Or to put it a bit more briefly: the ways in which intense group experiences can lead to an intense sense of connection?...
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illustration of new mom sitting beside baby's crib depressed - Postpartum Depression
Becoming a Mother: Celebrations & Challenges The birth of a baby is, in most cases, a cause for celebration. Especially for the parents. And some might further suggest: especially for the mother. But not every mother feels like celebrating in the days, weeks, and even months after childbirth. Many times, a mom is experiencing the...
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