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girl sitting in red chair, facing away from the camera, with dark grey storm clouds above her head - depression
There Are Many Forms of Depression Because the word “depression” gets tossed around a lot and is often used as a generic term for a variety of issues a person might be dealing with, we have been looking at the various specific kinds of depression in detail. After all, specificity of diagnosis can lead to...
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attractive middle age man, bald with glasses, playing an acoustic guitar in front of his laptop - music
Music Can Boost Your Mood What is your favorite kind of music? Maybe you are a classic rock lover. Perhaps you enjoy classical, jazz, or contemporary sounds that seem to blend the two. Maybe you have a taste for a sugary pop number or love the flow of your favorite rapper. Perhaps opera or a...
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digital illustration depicting a woman sitting on the ground stressed or sad - anxiety and depression
Anxiety and depression are two different conditions that often coexist and may even share symptoms, such as irritability, nervousness, or changes with sleep. Understanding that it is possible to have both conditions and that you may experience symptoms of each can be frustrating and often discouraging. Fortunately, various treatments are effective and can make the...
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beautiful dark-haired young woman looks out the window while drinking coffee - seasonal affective disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Winter can bring on feelings of sadness for several reasons: the end of baseball season, the end of Daylight Saving Time, the short days, the cold weather. All of those things are legitimate causes of sadness. As a rule, sadness and other emotions are just a normal part of the human...
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handsome young Black man in an apron, holding eggs and looking at a recipe on a laptop - beating boredom
Have you ever had one of those days when nothing sounds interesting or fun? The kind of day during which every potential activity seems like something you have done too many times before? A day in which everything you can think of to do sounds like more trouble than it is worth to do it?...
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man sitting on his bed in pajamas thinking about a lot of things - insomnia - burnout
Do you remember a time—perhaps right after you got the job—when you were truly excited about your work? A job that pushes you creatively, brings a sense of meaning or identity into your life, and helps you pay the bills can be a source of great satisfaction. And that sense of satisfaction will probably motivate...
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illustration of woman reading a book - she's holding the book where it covers her face, but you can see her hair - mental health memoirs
Sometimes it is hard to tell our own story. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to even fully understand our own story for ourselves. This may especially be true for those struggling with a mental health disorder. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, a trauma-based disorder, or another kind of mental health challenge, you...
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two women in support group seen from behind - one consoles the other during a group therapy session
Shared Experiences: Making a Connection Have you ever noticed the ways in which a shared experience can create strong bonds and a sense of mutual support over a short period of time? Or to put it a bit more briefly: the ways in which intense group experiences can lead to an intense sense of connection?...
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three people sitting in room and having a discussion - group therapy - cognitive behavioral therappy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Nearly all of us have an image in our minds of what a therapy session looks like. After all, therapy is played for laughs or used to create drama throughout our popular culture. We picture the therapist with their notepad sitting a short distance away from a person who is either seated...
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